PS-Drone 2.1.3:

Fixed some problems regarding stability. (May 2018)

PS-Drone 2.0.2:

Some fixes at the video-function. (Jun 2015)

PS-Drone 2.0.1:

Several major bug-fixes in movement-commands. Only perform the reset-command, if the drone is in fail-mode. Added mis- sed State-bit. Error-mes- sages regarding additio- nal NavData for AR.Drone 2.0 with firmware version 2.4.8 are patched.
(Dec 2014)

PS-Drone 2.0.0:

Several minor bug-fixes and checked orthogra- phy. (Dec 2014)

PS-Drone 2.0.0 beta

Transferred source code from PdG-Drone to PS- Drone, some bug-fixes, changed start-up-se- quence, more consistent command names, func- tions added, source-code cleanup, enhanced com- ments in source-code, multiple drone control- ling, video initialization recovery. (Nov 2014)

Here, you will find everything you can download regarding PS-Drone.


PS-Drone API - The core-program for Linux (on
PS-Drone documentation - A tutorial and a detailed documentation of PS-Drone. (on
PS-Drone documentation DS - A tutorial for double-sided printout. (on

Tutorial samples - Shows how to do the basic movements, perfect for the first step. - Illustrates the difference between stopping the drone and “stopping” by ceasing the thrust. - Shows an example of complex movement. - Describes the basics how to get the drone's sensor-measurements. - Gives a slightly more advanced example of getting the drone's NavData. - Shows how to configurate the drone's behaviour - Illustrates how to enable multi-configuration and the difference to “normal” configuration. - A simple example how to detect markers with the drone. - Enables the drone's video-function and shows it in a window (requires OpenCV2).


OBW-Roundel.png - The Oriented black and white Roundel (best detection).
OriginalRoundel.png - The original Roundel.
ModifiedRoundel.png - A modified Roundel for better detection.

Tools - Prepares a battery for storage by reducing the charge to 50% (for a longer lifetime).